About Taruga

We're Tomas and Lou, and as avid travelers, we've decided to turn our love of adventure into a brand of unique clothing and accessories.

In order to preserve the exclusivity of our brand, but also to avoid overproduction and therefore waste, we operate by drop. In other words, we open the site for a few days only, during which you can place your order. So if the site is SOLD OUT, it's completely normal.

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And why Taruga?
Our inspiration comes from a long 2-month trip to Brazil. Indeed, the word "tartaruga" means "turtle" in Portuguese. The turtle is a symbol of wisdom, protection and travel, and perfectly embodies the values of our brand. Like the turtle that carries its home on its back and travels long distances, we aspire to create garments that accompany travelers on their journeys.

Having already backpacked ourselves, and being in the middle of a van roadtrip, we know how important it is to feel good in the clothes you take with you, which are often very little. In the end, we're all a bit like little turtles: whether we travel in a backpack or a van, it's our home that we're transporting.

If you'd like to find out more about us, Taruga and its beginnings, watch this video :